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Frame: Oversized 4×2-inch frames are welded in all structural areas, which are 11 and 8-gauge steel.

Finish: High Quality electrostatic powder coat finish. A standard two-coat powder coating that’s highly resistant to chips and scratches.

Adjustments: Intuitive color coded, highly durable industrial-grade seat adjustments and large,ergonomic rubber adjustment paddles.

Cushions: Durable high density cushion covered in stitched vinyl.

Handles: High Quality PVC grip with aluminum collars.

Frame Protection: Stainless steel plate holders and High density PVC foot guards protect the paint finish.

Plates storage: Integrated Stainless plate storage bars avoid the scratches.

Exercise Placards: Conveniently be viewed from a seated position, offer a quick reference to targeted muscle groups and proper machine use.

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