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 RE-002S SPIN BIKE                                                                                         $1295.00 Now $1035.00

Spin Bike

  • High-strength magnetic resistance system means easy adjustment and no maintenance
  • Belt transmission system for smooth, low noise, maintenance free operation
  • Dynamic belt tensioning system prevents slippage
  • Frame constructed of 50mm x 100mm elliptical tube with 2.5mm wall thickness
  • Seat and handlebars constructed from corrosion resistant aluminum, and can be adjusted both up and down as well as forward and back.
  • Body cover is constructed from high-strength ABS polymer and incorporates storage for water bottle, cell phone, or towel
  • Flywheel is made from solid 3.5kg polished aluminum disk with an external protection ring
  • Main shaft is 45mm diameter steel with a hardened surface to reduce wear, and friction. Quality TPI bearings are used.
  • The crank arms are made from 14mm cast steel and transfer torque to the main shaft via a tongue and slot mechanism.
  • Maximum user capacity 150kg
  • Assembled size 1385mm x 575mm x 1140mm (LxWxH)

RE-002F FAN BIKE                                                                              $1295.00 / Now$ 995.00

  • Assembled size ?mm x ?mm x ?mm (LxWxH)

R400 Rower

$1.695.00 / Now $1,295.00

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